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WINDER on 3/17/2002 3:05:00 AM
I haven't rode one but this is what I saw with my own two eyes, as God is my witness.
Several weeks ago a group of us went to Cooke City, Mt. As many of you know Yamaha does a great deal of testing and calibration of their mountain sleds in CC after their public introductions. During the time we where in CC, Yamaha was for whatever purpose running the RX-1 up and down the trail(closed highway 212) east of town. Yamaha had with them a 800 Summit and 800RMK. Where ever you saw the RX-l you saw one or both of these sleds running with it. Undoubtely they where running comparison testing. Did I see the RX-l in a direct side by side battle? NO. but this is what I and several others did witiness.
One morning we where waiting for the group to assemble at the outskirts of CC, for those of you that don't know Cooke City is a very small town (Pop.100 or so and 50 dogs). The highway going east of town is closed during the winter and is groomed. This trail leads to Wyo. and has very heavy sled traffic. While we where waiting, milling around a RX-l followed by the summit was pulling out of town. We all motioned for the rider's to get on it!!! as they passed by at about 5 mph.
Well it appeared they reacted. I have never seen a sled disappear so fast as the Yamaha. The trail runs straight and wide for approximately 400 yards then sweeps to the left in a long curve, When the RX-l was into the curve by some distance the summit was still in the straight section. Where both riders really getting on it? I have no idea, all I do know is that every member in our group (every brand but cat) commented, Like, Holy ####!! did you see and hear that, awesome, again that sled moved out faster that anything I have seen on the trail.
There are way to many variables to consider in my sighting, but I must say with out reservation, I and every member of my group was totally impressed.
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