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Sure can....there are 2 accesory plugs on these sleds. They look like a 2-pin flat trailer plug. They should have yellow and brown wires attached to them, if I remember correctly. One is right near the servo motor for the exhaust valves-clutch side, near the bottom of the oil tank. The other is directly behind the speedo assembly in the hood. You may haveta pop a foam cover off to access the speedo one.... I have my heated shield wire plugged into the accesory plug near the servo-motor then it runs up my steering shaft to the top of the bars. I have it sticking out from under the bottom of the handle bar pad, on the brake side. It's ok being there, its only bothered me once or twice while riding. Most of the time you forget it's there until ya go to walk away from the sled. :rolleyes:
When I say it bothered me, I mean it was only annoying me. It didnt interfear with my driving of the sled at all, but I was pounding thru whoops and it kept bouncing up in my face...something the average sledder doesn't have to worry much about. Not everyone enjoys pounding thru whoop's like me. :christmas:
If you buy the heated shield wire from Arctic Cat it comes with the accessory plug already on the end of it. If using a generic one that usually comes with helmets and/or heated shields, you will haveta buy a 2 pin-flat trailer plug to crimp on the ends of it(can be found at Napa)...or hard-wire it, which I dont recommend because it involves cutting a factory plug off.....
Hope this helps,
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