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so i had the same issue before the 503 swap anyways but thought you should know about the swap, so my tail light is bipolar lol it likes to work whenever it wants to work, sometimes it only turns on when i press the break, sometimes its on normally, sometimes it dosent even work, and the headlight, well the headlight is the same except it will dim low turn of for a second when i stop the machine start back up and go for awhile on a smooth trail works fine, once i hit the roads and start hitting bumps going quite fast, the light will flicker sometimes, it will go really bright, then it will just blow up, switch it to high beam same thing happens, could anyone help me on this problem, as i said before it was the same problem before i did the engine swap its as if theres a loose ground or something somewhere, is there some sort of voltage regulator i should be aware of??
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