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<font color="red">IMPORTANT: Please note that the following Service Bulletins are outdated, and DO NOT IN ANY WAY pertain to the NEW V-Force Delta 3 Reed Valves produced by Moto Tassinari. The following service bulletins apply only to a very small (2 week manufacturering span dated in 1999) amount of V-Force Delta 2 Reed Valves. The following information is provided ONLY for the purpose of notifying customers that may still have affected reeds.</font>

CertainV-Force Delta 2 reed valves were shipped with stainlessAllen screws holding the cages together, as illustratedbelow. There have been reports of cages loosening up duringuse.

Screw length and possible over torquing during assemblyhave contributed to failures. To eliminate any potentialfor further failure Moto Tassinari is offering replacementscrews for owners.

If customers would prefer to call them directly for replacementscrews or have them install the screws, Moto Tassinari hasindicated that they welcome the opportunity to deal withtheir customers firsthand. They apologize for the inconvenience.


V-Force Delta 2 Reed Valves - Bulletin - Petal Failures

According to Moto Tassinari, the petal failures that have occurred on some of the V-Force Delta 2 reeds have been due to insufficient warm up or too lean of jetting. Both of these contribute to backfiring through the intake. Moto Tassinari now recommends running the reed stops in "low" tension, which makes the engine run a bit richer. This will usually take care of any problem with leanness, while still providing performance gains.If you are still experiencing "popping" or hesitation they suggest dropping the clip on the needle one position. Always be sure to take time to thoroughly warm up your engine to eliminate the chance of backfiring through the intake. Such backfires can be devastating to all hi-performance reed petals.</body>
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