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Seat Repair Kits

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Anyone know of a good vinyl repair kit I could get my hands on? Unfortunately I cant take my seat off without undoing every staple......unless I want to take my gas tank off with it. So I am hoping someone has fixed a tear from the outside in, instead of redoing the seam.
I know I have seen all those info-mertials on tv for vinyl and leather quick fixes, but I want something that is going to last. BTW a new seat skin is way way too much so that is out of the question.
Any advice will be appreciated.
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Well a quick job,,,Silicone and Duck tape...good for one season..thats what I did and you can't even tell the diff but its at the apolshtrie shop right now
You don't mention how big or what shape the tear is in. I've used the vinyl repair kits with a fair amount of success, especially compared to how it looked when I started on it. Fresh tears an inch long are not a big deal as long as they aren't in a real high stress area. A carefull repair is very difficult to notice if you don't know where to look for it. If it's bigger, or an older one that has allowed the fabric to stretch.....I haven't played with one of those yet.
The tear is an inch and a half long and it is fresh. Its not in a stress spot and I think it was caused by a metal peice on my boot when I was getting on my sled.
I was just wondering if it is going to be a thing that I am going to have to repair all the time. I also dont care if it doesnt look so hot, but going the duct tape route is a lil to ugly for me. Also I guess it is not a tear but a straight cut in the fabric.
I have a tear in the seam of my zrt,,,, would love to fix it,,,, thought about trying some sort of black caulk,,, dont know if it would stick or not.
They do make black duct tape, and its not real noticeable till you get up on them,,,, seat on my vmax is totally gone,,, so its now totally duct tape!!! dont really wanna do that on the zrt though,,,,
Use "Seal All." It comes in a yellow tube and can be purchased at WalMart in the automotive section. You could also find it at automotive stores such as Auto Zone or Napa. It's a clear, liquid jelled adhesive glue that can be used on an endless list of things from making gaskets to sealing inner tubes. I've even used on a pair of jogging pants that I tore when I got to close to the sharp edge of my sled trailer. The seam on those pants is still sealed together even after a year of washings.

I've used it on small rips on my snowmobile seats and it works excellent. It not only holds the edges together, but it strengthens the area and keeps it from tearing any further. The only down side is the repair takes on a shiney look, rather than the dull look that the seat cover would normally have.

I guess one other down side is that it stays on your fingers for a couple days unless you get some MEK or thinner on them quick.

Good Stuff!

Thankx ecopter, I think I will try that tomorrow.
Seal All gets stiff. Use the vinyl repair kits available at an auto supply, very inexpensive. Follow the directions, and you'll have a repair that will last for years. The kits include several colors so the repair will not look like hell when you are done if a little care is used....

I would not try the kit on a seam.
Menards or Lowes sells a product called LVP (liquid vinyl patch) or LVP h.d. (you can figure out the hd part.)
I have used it on the Gold-Wing seat (has held 2 years and 25,000 miles), the awning on the RV (spliced a 2 foot rip) and has held through several storms and heavy wind days.
Used in on my sons sled seat last season and is still intact.
It is clear in color, blends in well, and stays flexable even in real cold conditions.
It is by far the BEST repair compound I have found.
vman, think if would work on the seams of my seat???
I am going to try it on the rear seat seam on my zr600.
I'm not sure how it is going to work, the back of my seat takes a beating from my boot.
I'll let ya know.
I've done a NUMBER of seat repairs and do NOT use Seal All (works fine for shoes but will not last on a snowmobile seat). The old trusty Liquid Vinyl is still the best. I have a repair on my '79 Invader that STILL looks new! I looked all over tarnation trying to find it for my Summit (exact same type of tear). I finally found an offset that works the same (they actually melt the surrounding vinyl for a permanent bond):

Buy it here:

Trust me on this one - it will even look better if you paint over the clear repair after. My friends can't even find the rip on mine. I put a bead of it along the rip and seal it together with packaging tape. Take the tape off the next morning and you can paint or just leave it.

Good to GO!

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I have a seam that started to pull apart on my ZRT. To keep it from separating any more until I figured out how to fix it, I patched it with Shoe-Goo. After letting it dry for a little bit, I rubbed with my fingers to take the shine away. You can still see it's there but it looks MUCH better than a tear. That was 5 seasons ago and it's still holding. Every fall I touch it up for the coming season and I'm good to go. Mine is on a seam though. For a rip like yours, LVP is the way to go.
Well I found my tube of VLP, Gman was right.
I guess I was suffering from dislexia when I wrote LVP.

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