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Seney,mich Annual Pole Barn Trip! Wow!

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Well it was that time of year again to head up to Seney for My annual
Pole Barn Trip! From the previous weekend w/ JasonF. and RenegadeMike
and the rain thet recieved last thursday all of that beautiful pow pow
had totally vanished. w00t But that didn't stop me my friends and the
Lakecity crew from making the journey. Pretty much hard packed
conditions late season riding. But as we got out there and rode
it wasn't all that bad. And the 2 tracks seemed as if someone had
took a groomer down some of them. :thumbsup: Ended up with some pretty good
off trail. As Sunday night rolled around The boys wanted some steaks
so I ended up calling my friend Digger down at Jack Pine Lodge
to see if he would could us up a few, He said come on down will
keep the light on for ya! :thumbsup: As we hopped in the trucks and headed
west in a matter of 20 minutes we were in blizzard condions and breaking
M-94 south of Shingleton. We couldn't believe how fast conditions had
changed. Arrived at Diggers and he set us up w/ Steaks and burgers
It was our own little private party! :thumbsup: And a BIG thanks to you
Digger for letting us trash your place you are one smooth Dude!
Ended up leaving there and headed over to Andys Senet bar to
finish up the night! All's I can say is I can't believe I drank the whole
thing! :crazy: Got up Monday morning Snofrog heading back home And the rest
of us headed west to all that POW POW that had fallen.
Monday ended up being the best day of the ride! Well There will be
losts more to tell so stay tuned for more stories and pics coming
very very soon :thumbsup: This is just a tip of the ice berg! :sly: -Dave

P.S. Scott and Shawn need to join ASAP then we will all be
members here on S.W. -Dave





Thats Joker dooing the watercross!


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:unsure: Is that a couple of Fusions I see? :whistling:
More! :thumbsup:

Stewmeyer gets plugged! w00t




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A little drag racing on a private lake I found untouched smooth as can be!
Thanks to EL GPS!





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This member said he never ever will ride on frozen lakes again who is he??? :thumbsup:
Me so proud of him! :D



A couple of CooL jumps by SLeDHeaD and Joker!




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whos dragon fusion 600 is that? me likey
Getting ready to bust some forest roads! :thumbsup:







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If your wondering yeah I led this expedition! :thumbsup:
Nobody had ever seen Big Springs so we headed down that way the Snow was awesome SOUTH of M-28! :eek:hmy:








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Then we headed over to Thunder Mtn. for some hill climbing more pics
will follow from other members so stay tuned!






Shawn...Green Lantern! :thumbsup:



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This Indian will tell you a Joke at the Big Mac bridge! :thumbsup:

Only if you ASK! :wink:


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Joker at Eagles Nest a must stop on Super Daves tour! :wink:


Trooper takes out the 440 for a speed run along M-77! :thumbsup:


Stewmeyer on SLeDHeaDs Gade!




We found this while boondocking under 18 beware! :lmao:




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Ok boys lets see MY pics! :thumbsup: ......You all have no idea! :lmao:
I hope all of you have enjoyed Super Daves tour this year
I always try to make it the best I can! Later Dave
Dave.....look's like you guys had a good trip! Sorry I couldn't make it...maybe next year!!!!
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