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Should i buy-2001 mc 800

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$5500 seems a good deal for a new in the crate 2001 Arctic Cat MC 800. BUT,  how does the Cat compare to the MM, Summit, RMK? Any online tests you can point me to?

Also, the owner says it has the narrower ski width. Is that not as good for backcountry aggressive sledding in the mts. of Utah?

Thanks for any help or opinions.
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I would say the Cat is probably 3rd in you're list of Mtn Sleds, if you were to read most reviews on those sleds. It's heavier then the Polaris and Ski-Doo, by about 35 lbs, but that's not that big of a deal, IMO.
The narrower ski stance is specifically designed for back-country riding, it has know swaybar and is not as stable on the trail compared to other Mtn Cats that have the sway bar.
The price doesn't sound to bad, see if you can get 300 dollars in Cat Cash from the dealer, or a cover, and spare belt and plugs.
I ride a sumit so I would have to say  no.

but if I was buying a sled for my wife who rides a 7oo sumit.

I might be tempted to look at  the cat for that price.

If you spend another couple hundred on mods it is not a bad sled.

all thoe I have never been past buy one eather on or off the trail.

I do ride whith 2 peopple who have them and thay are useualy
3 or 4 th behind  the leaders . in a group of ten that aint to bad.

What I am trying to say is if you compare it against any other
700 on the market it would be a great sled.
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