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Single Sliders Versus The Double

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I noticed while riding my sled it had a tendecy to dart back and forth in the trail and saw an ad for a "Dual Slider" ski. I've seen their marks in the snow and wondered if this actually is a better ski for your sled and gives you better control.
It's not that big of a deal but I'm always interested in new things.
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Darting can be caused by a few different things. Too much ski weight, incorrect alignment, too much forward pressure etc. If you're certain these other items are NOT the culprit, you can try different "anti darting" options put out by different mfgrs.

My wifes sled is outfitted with dually carbides and there is no darting, I use the anti darting strips supplied by skidoo for flex skis and they work quite well too ....

You've got choices other than buying different skis.
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