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Ski Chatter On The Water

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i was wondering if anypone else has this problem while crossing water on there 2002 mxz 800. when i cross the water the skiis dance and it looks like crap. dont get me wrong the sled is great on the water, just rough. is it just the dual carbide skiis or is it the way i have the suspension set up?
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may be because your hitting the water to fast
With my 02 in stock set-up, the skis just dangle there about 6" above the water with me sitting on it just as if I were riding snow.

Sounds like it may be a set-up issue (limiter too short maybe) or hitting the water too fast like C-83 mentioned.
i,ve only had mine on water 2 times for about 80ft last year and mine was fine. :rolleyes:

no chatter from mine
may be because your hitting the water to fast[/b]
i dont think its because i am going to fast, but it does get worse the faster i go. i can keep the skiis out of the water almost as long as i want, but i usually run at about 40-50 mph and it still wabbles quit a bit
Is there a transfer set up on the skid that works better? I have a PRS chassis and the few times that I have hit wet slushy spots it just feels like it's spinning and not going. I do have transfer rod set to keep the skis on the ground as this thing will just wheelie for ever other wise. Maybe I should try to use more transfer to the rear(ski lift)?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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