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I wnat to start back up on racing again in junior class when the WSA comes up this way again but I told my cousin that I wanted to and he says I should get some more protetive skies. So I have medal ones on my sled now because I'm waiting to here if anyone else has some good ideas to help me. Would medal or plastic skies be better to race with???
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hi there racer chic : what type of racing are we assuming u meen snowx. but either way plastic is the way to go. what type of sled are u running and where?  i see there is a little 69 in almost everyone.........he he
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For sure go with plastic.
hey remember plastic is only the same as a steel ski, just as rigid.

 the word is FLEX-SKIES ahh the pause that refreshes. flex ski.
I have heard of metal skis,but not medal.

Definatly the plastic flex skis.
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WSA= Snox?
WSA= Hill Cross?
WSA=Pro Ice?

No matter what WSA event, they all use plastic's.  If you want brand names racer_chick_269 you have to be more specific on what series you will be running.
I would definately go with plastic skis if your going to race snowcross.  The ones I would recommend are the Flex III skis from Plastic Specialties.  Excellent loop design and real strong material.  Let me know if you would like any more information
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Go with the ultra III flex skies as they are the same exact keel design a etc as the C&As but are made of a smoother composite than the C&As and have a much better toe design than the C&As since the C&As tend to brake in this area also the UltraIII seem to ware better and won't brake the keel off like the C&As. Plus with the UltraIII slotted toe handle they will flex much better thus sucking up a bit more roughness out of the trail over the C&As.
i believe those two are involved in a law suit right now.  stay with the c&a s  proven skies.
I have to say.  In all the races ive seen ive never seen a ski fail.  

Plastic for sure.
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