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Hey guys I have a few questions for you about the snopro's. First one is whats the horsepower on an 00' and the '01 liquid? I know the new ones are 99hp but don't know the older ones. Another question is do you like the crosslink or not? What do you think of it? And finally for anyone who has ridden an 02 what did you think of them? My main question on them is how well are they balanced with the 13.5 track, or are they a little tipsier than the 01's and older? Last question what is the weight on the 02's and the 01's? Thanks for any answers
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HI! well the hp. in the 00 is around 97 hp. the 01 is 99 hp. as for the crosslink I like it in the rough stuff. It seem's to handel better and transfers weight alot better than the older shox. The ride of the 2002 ZR 440 is great but need's work on the cornering. It's not a trail sled by no means. It jumps great , it is stable , not tippy at all. The weight I'm not to sure on but I think the 2002 is 424lbs. the 2001 is 460lbs. I've had the 2000 & the 2001 and really liked them. What I did to the one's I had is I put a MOD. 600 in them and they really rip. I used a 2001 440 case - crank - 600 rods , Bored case to fit 600 cyclinders on it this set up really rocks!!!
both ratings are slightly overated. The 97hp spec in real terms produced anywhere from 92hp to 96. The 00' 99hp rating is closer to 94-95hp

We have a HUGE Arctic cat dealer(Largest east of the mississippi) with a dyno.

All the ZR 600's rated at 110hp, could not pull anything over 102hp after 300 miles on the odometer.

Most sled manufacturers do overrate there hp #'s a tad. Closest estimated ratings are polaris and doo right now.
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