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Snow In Minnesota

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Just wow, thursday night we had all these winter warning for snow, sever snow supposedly 10 to 18 inches in my area, even more in duluth. Well we've all heard it before and no one was really thinking it would happen. Me and the family went out for dinner around 6 and it was lightly snowing, we come out 45 minutes later, there was around 3 inches in some places and it was snowing hard. Well thursday night everyone is hoping we get a snow day tomorrow, but if any of you live up here in the iron range, you would know hibbing only cancels school when buses start going into the ditchs. Well, everyone was surprised to see it closed at 10 that night! Snow was piling up FAST. This morning i decided to go out and sure enough, got stuck look at this stuff w00t

That snow is up to my waist and im about 5'7


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