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Snowmobile Closures Valemount Blue River

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Do you plan on having fun with friends and family making your continued or future recreation snowmobiling?

Do you love the freedom of a full day’s powder experience or the rush of a full throttle hill climb?

Are you planning to take on the most challenging, extensive and spectacular mountain terrain you can find?

How does a future of limited terrain, hard packed snow and over crowding sound? Or have you told yourself “I will just go somewhere else.’’ Sound familiar?

That future is starting in Valemount & Blue River with recently announced section 58 closures, and your next area could already be targeted. Snowmobile closures will eventually affect us everywhere unless we act now; the deadline is March 12, 2007.

What can you do? Find out more & sign public petition at Forward this to everyone you know and get them involved doing the same.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider our future!
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