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Like they say, some things never change.  Thumbing through some of my old sled magazines, and some of the articles and rumors from AMERICAN SNOWMOBILER, Sep 1995, are the things we've been talking about here lately:

* Sep '87   "...Honda preparing 750cc, four-stroke...based in
                Sault Ste. Marie, MI."
* Spring '88  "Honda spies were said to be seen on a hilltop
                overlooking Yamaha's test site.  ...West Yellow-
                stone, it was claimed that Honda engineers clad
                in white suits were seen testing all-white
* Sep '89   "...the Cadillac car goup as a potential sponsor of
                a racing sled?  Does this mean there could be a
                Cadillac pickup down the road?  We'll believe this
                one when we see it."  Boy, should they be eating
                crow now about the truck comment?
* Nov '89   Yamaha..."by 1993 at the latest when a V-4 top
                gun entry may make its debut."  Close, but not
* Jan '93    " would seem that Yamaha is serious about
                staying in the marketplace...Yamaha going away
                from the TSS and trying on a trailing arm unit."
* Nov '94   "Honda claims to have met the future emissions
                levels already.  Does that mean Honda might be
                able to bring us a snowmobile with 4-stroke tech-
                nology any time soon?"  Who would have thought
                Yammi would have been the first?
* Sep '95   Regarding Collett's 900, "...found them virtually in-
                destructable.  We can't imagine riding again w/out
                using Collett Communicators."
* Jan '94   The inaugural Grand 500 near Brainerd, MN, had
                to be rerouted to mostly lakes due to mother
                nature not producing enough snow for the typical
                cross country race.

Just thought some of these were interesting with all the speculation recently on the new sleds, and poor snow of this
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