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Southern wis.riders

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Forcast for 6" to 12" for the Wis.- Ill.border.I am a hour north of the border.4" to 8" here.I hope we get it.I am ready to ride.See you horsecollars on the trails.
I'll be watching for you Nick G.
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Hey, Horsecollar, What about me? J/k I live further from you anyway, further south that is-MORE SNOW, I hope. This better not be a bust!
You suck. Kidding. Here they were calling it Winter Blast 2002!! Yea right, we are supposed to get up to an amazing 2 whole inches! Which is two more than we have right now. Yippe skippy
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 last night when i was over at your house, your wife said you went out for a beer {i think that's why she called me} and she said you shovel coal for a living. today after a few wobbly pops you are the weatherman. LMFAO  
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Paul, My wife told me to tell you thanks for coming over.She really likes your french accent.Next time bring more champane,so I can have some.
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Hey Steimy,I didn't forget about you.Why don't you come up here and ride with us other horsecollars this weekend.I'm sure Nick would be up to it.What do ya think?
hey there weatherman7, you weren't supposed to see that till tomorrow.

what does the horsecollar thing relate to ?
Horsecollar, I think we have more snow down here, I worked out in Waukesha today and haven't been home yet,now I'm at school in Mequon. When I left this morning at about 5:15 we had 6-7 inches and it was still comin' down. Forecast calls for another 1-3 tonight. I think I'm gonna ride down here and in to Kenosha, they have even more, I heard 9-10. Nick might trailer down by me this weekend but I'm not sure yet, I'll see him here at school later. Peace.

Post and let me know how much you have out by you.
the snow might as well be frost here and it's going away tomorrow because it will be 38-40 F.  
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Mxz7,  how much snow in Watertown??  Up here only 1-2".  Calling for 1-3"  tonite.  My best bet is I'm gonna head by Steimy on Sat or Sun.  Head that way,   more snow!  I never went south to sled before!!!!!
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Steimy and Nick.We only got about 2 inches at the time of this post.1-3 overnight forcasted.I don't think we will get enough snow here for them to open the trails.
I have never been south of Jefferson County on a sled.Nick if you are interested,I could pick you up and head down to Steimys sometime this weekend.If trails don't open here,I need a place to go.Looks like central Wis may get some good accumulations overnight.I may head up to Adams Co. if it is good there.Later horsecollars.
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Mxz7, Sorry it took so long to post back, This my first day posting since last thursday. Yeah we had about 8 inches or so of powder when l left that morning. When I was driving home from school it was raining, I was pissed. I called up horsecollar and went out back in my yard with a tape, 6" of wet slop, and I noticed people were out ridin' ruining the trails. I didn't get a chance to go out til friday after work and what I basically found was frozen mud. We went ditch bangin' and put on about 60 miles. I called Nick and we started lookin around on the computer for snow, and found out that the green bay, door county area had 8-12 inches, We went up there on Sat. and came back the same night, probably some of the best riding i've done all year, put on around 200 miles. Throw me an email with your phone #, If I would have known it I would have given you a call.
Steimy,I got out on Saturday.Went down to Rock and Walworth counties.Put on 110 miles.Also went out on Lake Koshkonong that day,got 111 mph out if the 700.I spanked a 00 zr 700 and a 99 mxz670,that was fun.Sunday I went up to Adams co.Put on 130 miles.They had about 8 inches around Adams and Wood co. border.Trails got hammered,and they were not grooming.I went with 3 buddies.I finally got my brother out.I let him use the wifes 99 FZ 500.He really liked the sled.Then I let him ride my 02 MXZ 700,he said it was unbeleivable.Hope to hook up with you guys sometime.When and if we get more snow,just send me a P.M.
How did you like the 02 700? Most I got out of mine so far was 112mph down a road,never been on a lake with it yet. My recoil broke this weekend, not the end of the world.
Steimy,the sled is beyond my expectations.The motor is very strong and has great throttle response.Ski's are great.The rear suspension makes the sled the total package.And it looks way cool too.
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My buddy bought the exact same sled, he's got her all decked out in yellow, looks pretty sweet.
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