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Ss 440 Engine Swap

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Can I drop an 85 ss440 engine into an 81 ss440 sled without too many complications?
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I would think it would drop right in, but I don't know for sure.
hey, im just wondering how fast the ss440s can go top end approx? are they a good reliable sled? thanks
Pending snow conditions and maintiance on the sled, the fastest you can expect is 80mph real life, not dream-o-meter (speedometer)

I have one, getting ready to a top end rebuild. My compression test is showing 100psi per cylinder @ 7200 miles. She is alittle tired....

So far it is a very reliable sled. Parts are getting hard to find. I have had to do some converting to maintain a running sled.

The biggest thing is the clutch, no longer available.

Other than that it is a fun sled, nice and light. suspension is lacking...

I upgraded mine to a 121" track.. it helps with going through the snow..
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I got 27,000km out of my 540 and it still ran but was ob its last legs

same engine just bigger bore
82 mph on Radar is the fastest I had my SS going. And let me tell you.....that's scary as hell on the old leaf spring suspension!!!
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