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Stock Exhaust Or Mod?

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full exhaust is $499 and jetting the carbs is 219 flat rate at dealership, besides gettin it done at a dealership, is the exhaust change relatively trouble free mod? or does it cause problems down the road. ive exhausted everyone of my trucks but never a sled, worth it.. help all wise seasoned vets!!! is this worth me spending the money to-(2001 POL 500 XCSP) will this effect variable exhaust system> :withstupid:
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Before I spent that much money on a 500, I think I might check into getting a sled with a bigger motor? Maybe a 700?
Soo Turbo, what to you want to accomplish? Sometimes spending money on your sled really makes no sense, but is fun none the less. I can understand that. But, that said, the stock pipe on the 500/600 VES small blocks is pretty good and hard to improve on, at least for an aftermarket single pipe. If you want more go, be thinking about twin pipes, hi compression heads, air box mod, clutch mod, and new reed valves. That's some serious coin, and as Hicks said you still have a 500, that "may" be a little faster than a stock 600. If I were you, I would go with a clutch kit and a new belt, which should be your best bang for the buck. Of course if you really want to beat your buddy's 500, then spend away! :whistling:

Was that really $219.00 for rejetting? Oh my. :undercover:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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