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Stole Windshield At Old Forge

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AHHH what a weekend - Riding was really good no problems or injuries or problems but I come back from the bar my windshield was there and I go to bed then I wake up ITS GONE. I was like Cmon thats sooo low and 4 weeks ago my whole cooler got stolen. It really killing my faith in Old forge. I just dont understand why someone would steal a windshield.. Honestly!
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Some guys were staying at the portly angler at tug hill where we stayed last week and while they were out on a ride they stopped for a sandwhich.. The guy they were talking to at the bar had the same yamaha sled as the guy staying at the hotel.. When they came out after lunch, his windshield was gone.. The guy they were talking to had just left... That's incredibly low.. He talked to them long enough to find out what they were riding and then ripped this guy off while he was still inside eating... It's not just old forge!
that windshiled wasnt even on 3 days !! surprised they didnt take my gps mount too!! Im just gonna cover my sled at night and lock them together
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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