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Stolen Sled!

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My sled was stolen from Side Lake, MN. From Bimbo's while we were inside eating. It's a 95 Polaris Xcr 600 triple. Its white with orange and pink sripes down the sides and a pink belly pan. It has slednecks stickers and a tazmanian devil sticker. It has a reverse kit and the reverse lever is down where your right foot goes. On the hood where the middle ridge and the hood vents meet there is a crack on it. It also has a studded track. It was believed to be taken by three juveniles in a newer white truck, keep your eyes open. If you happen to see it call the Hibbing police. thank you
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ya the snowmobile was found.... at the bottom of a swamp with everything wrecked, seat ripped up, hood spray painted all diffrent colors, shocks wrecked the works.... sad what people will do to a stolen sled
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