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Strongs Mi 2-21 Through 2-24

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Well, sorry for the delay in writing. We rode just under 700 miles. Wed we rode to the twin cabins just north of trout lake, and turned around because of snirt. Then we rode to Teq Falls. Paradise trails were the best I have ever seen them. All week. Could not believe it. Thursday we did strongs to Grand Marais. Friday we just went to the Rainbow and back. Plus messed around. Saturday we just plain messed around and went to the old Iriqouis hill to take a good look at the new windmills.
All in all good time. Pat and Irene were as nice as always. No break downs. Just broken zippers. Think I neeed some new gear. I'll say this, totally different groups of people up there. Not too many younger people. Lot's more older people, and vintage iron. Lot's more indiots too. Could not believe the number of people stopping in the middle of the trail, and at intersections. Almost had a nice juicy steak one day. A T-bone that is. Oh well. Here's some pics.


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