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Summer project

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i have a 2000 xc sp700 . and i would like to make it really fast on a 1/4 mile i have added a clutch kit from cudney racing that seems to have really helped . i would like to do a few other things to try to get the speed up . can anyone tell me where to go from there will a bottle boost and v force reeds help ? and is there anything more that i can do ? the helix that come with my clutch kit is a 48-38 and the rpm went from 4200 to 4800 on the main clutch. the rpm has went from 8200 down to 7900 with the new kit but the top speed has went up from 110 to 120+ im looking for a little more 1/4 mile speed ....
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what? if your getting 120mph thats realy good, if you want more top end you will have to gear up, but your clutch kit was designed for your stock gear ratio. good luck.
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