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Suspension Question From A Beginner

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We were out riding last weekend and my wife's rear shock froze up. I thought it would be easy enought to replace myself, so I decided to give it a try. Now I'm stuck, and I'm hoping to find some help.

She has the SC10 suspension, and there are several bolts that are bolted into an axle such that once one is removed, the other one just spins once you loosen it. Is there some trick to getting that second one out?

Thanks in advance for any help...

Rude Dog :confused:
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your problem is that the axle keeps spiining in the sheave. Try putting vise grips on it and clamped down tightly. This will allow ou to take put pressure on the axle w/out damaging it. This is the way that I have always done it.

Welcome to the site BTW
It's one of the trickiest things to workin on sleds I think. Impact guns are a real help here due to the speed they can spin the bolt. Sometimes I have to loosen one bolt, then tighten it back up, and then work on the other, tap the wrench with a hammer to loosen. Sometimes the shock helps greatly. The bolts get corroded and kinda seize in the threads. ONce you get the threads cleaned, by taking the bolt out and running it in again. It should be alot easier to get off the second time
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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