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How do you tell a 4 pulse from a 6 pulse, etc., and what the heck does that all mean??

I looked @ the harness on my sled, and see that there is a non-used 4 prong plug near where the tach mounts....I assume that is for the tach? (I know that old saying about "a$$"

I am looking from one for my '00 Z 440, but I'm not sure what is what....or what I need. :confused:

Any insight on this would be appreciated....and thanks in advance!

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should be stamped 4 pulse or 6 pulse right on the back of the tach,,,
Got somewhat a tach problem myself. Bought a used ZR 440 -98 a month ago, and then bought a used tach with the same part number as in the illustrated parts manual.
The problem is that the tach contact has 6 poles while the left over on the harness only has 4 poles???
I cant even fit them into each other. One possibility though is that the harness from the scooter was changed before I got it to a non original or other arctic cat part?

But I might be able to DIY mount the cables together without the original contacts, but how can I find what is going to what?
Is the coulours of the cables macthing?, so I just mount yellow to yellow, black to black, or will I need an amperemeter or something?
Check to make sure the tach has the right harness for the machine. It's a separate part.

You might look here:

or here:
Seems like the ebay seller is selling a lot of tachs with same text description i see now He may not be aware of the harness troule, as he believe just the partnumber on the back of the tach is same the harness is the same.

Well, well, I wasn't aware of all these harness things myself either. But of the text descripton of the seller it should have fitted.
Ok, perhaps I should clarify....
My sled ('00 Z 440) didn't come w/ a tach, and the fiche doesn't show one listed.
(the fiche for a sno-pro does show one)
Is it safe to assume that the 4 prong un-used plug that I have is for the tach?
And how do I know if I need a 4, 6, or some other pulse tach? :unsure:


Well, you would most probaly need a tacho reader mounted to the motor. But you can check more on the schematics. But seriously I think there is more things missing on the other end of the tachometer contact under hood. The 4 pole contact is for tachometer yes, ut it wouldnt automatically say a tachometer would work. Think they just fit this cable to save money and dont care about removing it.

Another possibility is to mount a non original tachometer set. Have seen them sold pretty cheap.
If you look at the 00 Sno pro tachometer it states 4P in the discription (4 Pulse) The pulse comes from the stator and you need to match the gage to the stator to get the correct rpm.

BTW if you look real close at the face of the tach down at the bottom it states what pulse it is, real small letters.

I also think you will need to purchase the wire harness (Part#5)0620-215. This should plug into your main wire harness on the sled and allow you to add the tachometer but I am not 100% of that. You might need to change the main harness too.

PS I have a tachometer for a 98 ZR440 consumer edition if someone is interested.
they never made a tach for a 2000 z440 so there for your machine probaly cant take one there is wires for it but it doesnt have the parts needed to read the rpm so the 4 prong is worth a try but i doubt it will work
I always thought that the pulse was the number of cylinders...I had 2 tacks that came out of to different twin cylinder polaris indys "500lq and a 400fan" and they were (2 pulse) and I had one that came out of a 600 triple witch was (3 pulse). I had the (3 pulse) hooked up to my old indy 500lq but I had to calibrate it with the turny screw on the back so it matched up with the hand on the (2 pulse tack).
I dont know that you can adjust the cat tachs,,, they should be factory sealed so they dont get turned out of whack.
I am pretty sure that the 99 is a four pulse.
One way to tell is pull the flywheel and count your magnets on the inside of it.
The tach just counts that a four magnet flywheel is a 4 pulse tach
4 pulses= 1 engine rotation, a 6 magnet flywheel is a 6 pulse setup. All the EFI sleds run a 12 pulse tach
The tach just needs to be pluged into a yellow and a brown wire to work.
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