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The Beginning Of The End

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I just saw something today that means THE BEGINNING OF THE END is close at hand. I saw a ROBIN. :bash: today. And that means spring is right around the corner. Hopefully what ever snow we have in this state will last at least 2 more weeks, so we can get at least 1 more ride in before the snow go's BYE, BYE :(
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Butch.......Have no fear buddy. You just have to go North a little more.....There were NO robin's in Paradise on Thursday and if the're were ,well they were hammered with horizontal snow ! That town got a nice little dumping on that last storm. 14 inches on top of what they had. On Thursday evening it actually hurt to be outside without a full face helmet on as the snow was coming down and pelting you in the face. IT STUNG LIKE A BEE Butch ! :rolleyes:

Received a pile of snow here and the forcast for the next 4 days is bitter cold. Watch out after that though :dazed:
we had snow like that at tug hill... I'm happy for you that you got dumped on while you were there but it sure is hard to ride in blinding wet snowfall.. We did that all day on one of our 5 days... Had to clear the visor with a finger ever 10 sec... BTW.. robins here too.. bummer
I am shooting all the robins I see,,, I plan on riding in June!!! :devil: :devil:
it's been snowing here for 2 days now. :D unbelievable :dazed: ..........
I am shooting all the robins I see,,, I plan on riding in June!!! :devil: :devil:[/b]
waving at the farmers planting their fields
Birds have been chirping here for two weeks now, but we are getting as much snow as ever in terms of this winter. The days are getting a lot warmer though. I pitty anyone trying to travel by distance on an air cooled machine.
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