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The Fat Lady Is Warming Up Her Voice.

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With plus temps starting today it’s almost over. The session started late but when it came it was good. I did manage to get 1300+km on this year only 300km below last year. I managed to not hurt myself this year (1st time ever). I had a blast taking my daughter out with me made some great memories, new friends and had a blast. I can’t with till next year. The worst that happened is a burned pair of carbides and I almost ran out of gas due to the shortage.
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cool down next week btw
There should still be another couple of solid weeks of riding left over in this part of the country. Still got 2-3' of snow out in the fields. They're forcasting warm temps for a couple of days next week but it's going to have to stay warm for quit a while to make all of this snow disapear. Hope you guys get some colder weather so the snow stays.

Was out tonight, trails are the best they've been. Hopefully they can hold out till the temp drops.
it just stopped raining here this morning.lots of snow left so no worries was beautiful and sunny yesterday while i was at work of course.the rain isn't going to stop me from riding today though..... :christmas:
We had a great ride yesterday (Friday). Left from Tiviotdale, traveled west and north to Port Elgin. Then to Tara and south back to the trailers (221 miles). Sun was out all day and we had some light drifting which made for perfect conditions. I'm not sure how much rain the trails will be able to handle. This morning it is raining, will make cleaning up the sled easier as the garage is already above freezing.

Ride on and ride sober.
no no no please get a cold so she can't use her voice....

If the fat lady is warming up, she must be a witch 'cause she sure has a chill in her breath:

329 AM AST SAT MAR 10 2007

At least it's better than the last three days of steady -10 F with wind to 30 mph. Not much fun riding though.
the environment canada forcast is calling for -8 tonight and snow in midwestern ontario.
I believe I heard her singing today in Northern Lower MI. Came home this afternoon in disgust........
She is singing loud here... 50 degrees here today :cussing: But for me, it was a very good year :thumbsup:
I got my 143miles in today

I think thats it for me on the trails this year

that said there is always the lakes :D


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there is a bunch of us heading out this morning for 1 last ride. but judging by the 7 day forcast this is it for us here.time to put it all away,which is ok with me i had a great year.i managed to put 2800 miles on the clock,so i should break the 3000 mark today no problem.i will only have 4 rides on the new sled,but i got that for next season its time to customize and put some personal touches on both of them.i know my wife has been fliping through the royal catalog and marking out her list :thumbsup: .i hope everyone had a good season despite the short season it was.
I'm still planning on a few more rides yet. The trails around town are getting a little soft, and some of them will be destroyed after the weekend, but there's lots of good going to the north and in Redbridge.
Then there's Nipissing. Already planning a good day trip on the lake after the snow is gone, down to South Bay, over to West Bay and back. Will be a nice long trip.

THis year I'm planning on sledding until the bitter end.
the trails here are shot. the only riding im going to be able to get in is riding the ditches and drifts. this year was a blast. hopefully we get the same conditions but earlier!
i just came back in ,the trails still have alot of cover on them,but by the end of this week they will be closed forsure. i had a great year though i managed to get in 2847 miles on my old polaris,and 831 kilometers on my new doo,thats the best year i have ever had.but i guess its time for garage racin lol.i will be placing an order tomorrow for a bunch of goodies and accesories for the new sleds(think the wife has about 1500 bucks worth of stuff circled in the book)and the next few months will be spent putting it all on them.hope everyone had a great season see ya next year,have a great summer all. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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