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Think Like A Pro

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Hey Everyone!

Has anyone here picked up the Pro-Rider OFSC booklet yet? If not, you really need to. It's entitled "Think Like a Pro - Advanced Trail Riding Tips and Techniques for Avid Snowmobilers".

My very good friend Bill Harrison over at the OFSC brought me in on this project and I was really excited to be involved. The booklet is FULL of excellent tips, info, advice and ideas relating to everything from gear to skills. And it's aimed at experienced riders so you won't be bored with basic level info. It's actually got some excellent stuff in it and it's a really interesting read! We have copies in our shop available for free to anyone interested...

And be sure to check out PG. 21. There's a shoutout to little old me! I'm really honoured.

Take Care Everyone!!!

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I've got one, I read it and I like it. I like they way they don't talk "down" to the reader, they treat you like you've got some experience already. Good info in there, worth the time.

My brother picked 1 up @ the Moonbeam clubhouse for the nephew to read.
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