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Anybody have any experience with the TSA's on the triples?
Looking for a set-up for my 98 FIII 700 with Dynoport pipes,
6mm base gasket and a 1.25" predator track (no studs) for  
mostly drags but still have it run decent on the trails. I weigh
about 200 #'s suited up, stock gearing and a coated 51/47 (?)
helix from Cudney. I need to run at 8800-8900 for the pipes.
The set-up I got from Bill Cudney worked well with the 98
center dump pipes I had on but those ran at 8500! Everything
else is stock on the sled except for the squish was cut back to .065".

I'll post the weight on the arm's as it is now if need be but I'm
not sure if a lot of people have used these arms on the triples
and of course Dynoport just said "lighten em up"! I'm already
at 10.3 hollow pins but don't know how much weight to
reduce off the arms to get to 88/8900 from 8500 because I
want to stay in clicker #3.

Anybody with any help would be greatly appreciated because
my last ride (probably) of the year with be about 9 hours into
Canada from here for 5 days and I want the sled to run good
at least because I don't have a chance to take the lil 500 for
a back-up.

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