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Time for new runners,who makes the best?

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this is on a 2000MXZ with 144 picks
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I run doo bars 1/2 60 degree carbide ran 6 last year but I liked   the 8s on my buddys sled better.
The Doo bars last a long,long time.I stick with what works.The bars that came on my new mxz 500 lasted about 300 miles.I asked the dealer what the deal was,he said the bars that come on a new sled are "starter bars" and don't last at all,so I bought the Bombardier replacement bars and they lasted 2600 miles,and were still good when I traded the sled in last spring.
How do the Doo bars compare in price to the aftermarket stuff?
8 inch 60 around 80 dollars u.s. more than woodys but I have had great luck with them.
I always ran flat top Woodys 60 degree X 6". Always had 3 sets and put a sharp set on and took a spare with me every weekend. I like 'em sharp.
i have had great luck with Bottom Line Products.  Try the 8" 60 deg.  They are extremely durable.
I use 10" sabers, and if they made 12" I would buy them! IMO the more the better. I dont know about now but in the past saber also made the doo bars just had different packaging.
I hear "NIKE" has a desent pair of runners. size 10" 50-60 cdn
Bottom-lines are nice.  They have flat-tops like woodys,  but come in 75 degree inserts that are just as sharp as 60 degree but have more cross-sectional area and wear better.  Also they space the inserts a bit so that if the bar flexes they won't tend to pop the inserts out.  As a bonus they have twice the wear pads front and rear.  
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I've had good luck with woodys,over 5000 k on the last set.
I use G-Force by Stud Boy. 3 seasons, and 3500 miles, still in excellent shape.   Here in Michigan we are very hard on runners and studs.
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