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Hey everyone I'm working through a problem on a new to me 2008 Dragon 700 RMK high (3200RPM) idle issue . I'm thinking vacuum leak so this is what I've done for trouble shooting and just maintenance:
  • new intake boot
  • cleaned throttle body
  • cleaned/rebuilt power valve
  • o- rings on injectors
  • cleaned and inspected reeds

Started it up........3200rpm's after a bit engine code 5 for exhaust temp comes on. It's for running above 3k rpm's for longer than 2 minutes, etc etc etc. Can't imagine that would have anything to do with cause of high idle.

So back to trouble shooting:
  • sprayed throttle/ brake cleaner around engine expecting if their was a vacuum leak it would pull it in and raise the rpm's. That did not happen..... so no vacuum leak??
  • I'm about to check out my TPS. Been on YouTube for videos and have a fair knowledge through YouTube university.
  • I also read a review that the ECU was damaged done how. I have a 2009 800 dragon, if plugs match up do you think theirs any harm swapping the computer into the 700?

Thx any advice would be great, TIA.
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