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2007 AC F6 Sno Pro Accessories

I bought a 2007 F6 Sno Pro few years ago; I've used it a handful of times, but this year I am going on a longer trip (few thousand kms), so I want to give it a good onceover before it gets cold (easy), and add some convenience items (surprisingly not easy).

My problem is that I like OEM stuff (ideally), and going online to see what was originally available is not easy, and since I can't get the OE part numbers, and it is now hard to use the Google machine to find this stuff, and we have no local dealers (read: it's like 2 hours to the closest dealer).

I was wondering if there is a way to find OE accessories for my 10 year old sled. I'm hoping for a windshield bag, something to hold sparkplugs, ideally something to hold a spare L of oil, and something to plug into my "cigarette lighter" that has a visor-heater connector (currently it's wired randomly under the hood, and looks crappy). I've love something to hold my snowboard as well, which I realise would definitely be aftermarket.
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