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Track ?

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i have a xc800 and the hifax is out of place. there is a gear on the top left idler and popped back and out of place. how do i go about to fix that/
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I read your post a few times and i have no idea what you are trying to say. What do you mean by top left (looking from where) and out of place? hyfax. Like is it coming off?
when ya look at it from the back side. it will be on the upper left. there is a gear there that slipped out of place and i was wondering how i would be able to put it back. so the track isnt perfectly straight because of this.
Did you hit something?
Did you roll the sled?

I think you may be talking about the driver (gear) that is on the drive shaft.
Is the track off to one side?
These drivers are pressed on the hexagonal shaft.
Is driver loose? Can you move it side to side with some force?
If yes, then the driver(s) is junk.
Attempting to relocate the driver without tearing anything apart is only going to do more damage.
You may ultimately have to remove the drive shaft assembly and replace the drivers.
If you’re not mechanically inclined you will easily be into the fix for $500.00+.
Drive shaft drivers $150.00
Bearings 60.00
Labor 200.00 to 500.00
That’s just a super basic estimate without actually seeing what’s wrong.
You may have other issues.
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the drive shaft is in front. this is on the back of the sled. about where ya sit. on the left hand side.
maybe a pic would help us?
He must be talking about the upper idler wheel. THere are no gears there, just wheels.

You might as well pull the skid, cause it sounds like you've got some issues, and pulling it will be the easiest way to fix it, as well as giving you a chance to inspect the entire suspension.
Thanks for telling me the drive shaft is in front. Because I did not already know that.
You mentioned gears so how am I supposed to respond? Several others and I tried helping you and you can't even answer the questions, be specific in your description and/or post a simple picture.
Your initial post is impossible to read because of your grammar. If you are asking how to fix your sled and you don't even know the difference between a gear and an Idler or bogie wheel then perhaps you should take your sled to the dealer.
It's a no brainier. You have a problem with your Tunnel, idler wheels and/or skid.
Take the skid out, inspect the sled and fix the problem.
You could also go to your nearest dealer and purchase a service manual.
Sounds like you might be missing a bolt on the rear tunnel crossshaft.
gear? are you trying to say the spline shaft that the mount to the tunnel goes on?
I think that what you're seeing as a "gear" is actually the splined portion of the rear torque arm assmebly where it would normally be inside the aluminum swing link. Take a look at both sides of the sled, and see what's different. They both should be the same (have the same amount and type of parts).

I think you might of broken or lost the link. That's why your track isn't sitting right at the back. It's all out in the open, take a look, and let us know.

Digital pictures are usually the best way to describe any given problem. We're all here to help, it's just sometimes difficult to "remotely visualize" what you're looking at. :wink:
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