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I live on the Tughill in New York, and i belive that there is atleast three weeks of excellent riding left there, the trails in most spots have over 5 feet of packed snow on them, the turns are getting rough but the groomers are out almost everyday, remember it is Maple Syrup season now so there could be some slower machines out there, pulling trailers. here are a few pics from this week.
the green croddfire is mine,
2006, 700 with a D&D y pipe and D&D single pipe, a few extras she runs great best sled i ever had.


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Ya, when we were there 2 weeks ago, there was so much snow it would take a few weeks of warm weather and rain to melt it all, maybe more!
great pictures nice looking sleds too...have fun riding...

Rick :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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