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An update on the 1995 Polaris Indy 440 that I purchased at the end of January, 2022.. It is a runner for sure. The few times I have been able to ride (lack of snow), I have been very impressed. There was one kind of scary time though. I was out for a little ride ... actually the first time on the trail with this sled. On the way back home, about a mile out, the temp light came on. The air temp was around 5-6 degrees F above zero, and the path back home was pretty easy (no hills and only one street to cross. So after I let it sit for a while to cool off, I decided to limp back home. She was good and warm by the time home. I figured I toasted the engine, since there was steam billowing out from the engine compartment.
Several hours later I went out and gave the rope a little pull just to see if I had any compression at all left. It felt normal, so I decided to go ahead and try starting it for a few seconds. It fires up on the first pull and sounded same as always. Further investigation revealed that I had a broken water pump belt. Couple days later I had the new belt on and it was running well. As to all that steam? It was a split overflow hose. Easy fix.
We had enough snow to take it out for another little rip. I was still thinking that I would need to rebuild the engine because of overheating it like that, but it appears that I got lucky. That thing ran like hell! Punched the throttle at 50mph and it pulled hard to over 75 (at which point I chickened out!). Haven't had an issue with it since then.

Bottom line is this thing rips! I bought it as a non-runner for 400$US. With the new seat cover, new drive belt, water pump belt, throttle and choke cables (with new choke plungers) and of course fuel lines, I still haven't put more that 300$ into it. So even at a 700$ total investment (so far) I don't feel bad about this sled at all. I love this thing, and (IF we EVER get any snow in Wisconsin again) look forward to having some really good times with it.

I will try to keep posting updates here as I proceed along with the work on this sled. And I am sure I will come up with questions along the way as well.
Cheers! - Rick

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Loved this vehicle man. Keep on updating it. I am also new here. Will update all my stuff in new thread. Thanks.
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