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Some of this does not pertain to the snowmobile world.

I would like to take the time to appologize to those of you that recieved email from me with a virus attached.  This was not intentional by any means.  I had all the bells and whistles on my PC but they were not updated, over the last few weeks strange things started happening to my PC.  The end result was 56 viruses.  Thats right 56.  All of the viruses were created in the last 2 months so head your warning of the creeps that may and get you updates.

To add insult to injury I destroyed a dyno this past week and got to shell out a small fortune for the engine and dyno.  The cost was high but nobody got hurt.  As always I will keep testing and will have a new dyno in a week or 2.  The motor was mine luckily but the crank got bent 90 degrees.  The problem has been fixed and all will return to normal.  The good news was the motor was just coming around (600 imp) and we were making head way with it.  Everything will be ready to continue with the 800 twin as there are more tricks to come with another RK TEK head, we shall see.

I love this sport!!!!!

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