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Upgrade Questions

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Hey Guy's
I have a 92 500 SKS EFI she only has about 1600 miles on her, but PTO hole has about 50lbs comp and mag side is at 140lbs. Reason being I think is she sat in shop for the last 3 years, due to lack of snow here ( not gonna pound it out on 4-5 if lucky inches of total snow for those years) So I decided to strip her down and put in a triple and update the rear suspension any suggesions from anybody out there on the best approach to this. I live in Canada and sled's up here are worth your left nut and then some..LOL. Was thinking of putting a 650 triple into her, but I heard that they have crank problems any comments from anyone? Would the newer twins fit ie 700,800 and how much modification to it. What about the 600 mono triples are they good? I am a grain farmer as far as mod's go we have done a few on the farm equipment to get us by..... maybe not safe but it worked..LOL. As far as the rear suspension goes it has the long track what would you guy's recommend the route for me to go? Any suggesions would be gratefully appreciated. :confused: :rolleyes: :lookaround:
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well i have a 600 triple that has 9000 miles on it and still running far as mods go i'm sure the engine mounts are different,but as for the rest i don't know lol.
Well gotta be murphy's law took the wifes indy trail out today with my 7 year son, runnin strong for about 10 miles, then there was a bang and engine started runnin rough..... shut her down popped plugs and PTO side plug electrode was pushed in ....with what look's like aluminum flakes on it not too much but bad enough....... fricken sleds...LOL NOW GOTTA SWEET TALK THE WIFE.....LOL. Towed her out of the feild with of all things a YAMAHA HA... and the rest of the 3 miles behind my quad....least it was a polaris. So now I got two engines to fix.......gonna get drunk now....LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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