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V-max Vs Zr 600

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Well, I'm looking for a new sled and have I'm narrowed down to 2 sleds, a either a '97 V-max 600 or a '97 V-max 500. My questions are, are these fairly reliable sleds? And my riding buddy has a '98 arctic cat zr600 and just wondering how these 3 sleds would compare speed wise? b/c i need to know whether or not i can put on this sweet "Cat Eater" snowflap i saw. :D
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o and any specs on suspension and other stuff on the vmax's would be nice too, any info appriciated. Thanks
The Zr600 will be faster but not by much

I am talking 600s

I would look for a 700(97-01) or a 600triple(99-01),much better on gas and sound so much better too

That said the Vmax600 twin is still a nice sled
Try here..great guys on this site, with all the info on yamaha`s you could imagine..
the site is dedicated to the yamaha vmax4, but has alot of members that ride other yamaha`s..
yamaha vmax info..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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