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I live in GA but have been considering moving to Maine for a couple of years. If so I'd like to be in a area where there are good snowmobile trails, but also within an hour or so of the coast. Are there trails all over the state, including near the coast? Or are they pretty much just in the western and northern parts? And what about snowfall in general? And ski areas?

Also, just in case anyone is familiar with this topic, I'm an operator at a wastewater treatment plant and wonder about possible job opportunities in that field up there. Also about locations of treatment plants. The Google searching I've done so far shows almost all plants are located near the coast and almost none farther west. From my ignorant position that doesn't seem right since they are all over the place here in GA, and I know they are all over the state in NH. If anyone knows anything about that topic in ME I'd like to learn about it also.

Thank you people for any help getting an idea about the situation up there!

David Harrison
Buford, GA
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