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I'v been a long time yamaha sled rider but I'v just reciently gotten into vingage sleds over the last year I just found a couple of old yamis
The sleds I have are a
02 viper
91 phazer II deluxe
91 phazer II st needs work
87 phazer
84 srv needs motor (for sale)nice chasis
79 enticer 250 (for sale) needs work
80 srx 440
80 srx 440 76 motor and aaen pipes
78 srx 440 motor only
75 gpx 339 (may part out)
73 sr 292 with 433 free air
71 ss433 motor and pipes

my question is how many ss433's were built and I will trade for srx or sr parts

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"how many ss433's were built?"

Good question. Yamaha was not big on giving out production numbers but the vin. or I.D. number on your tunnel will tell you how many are made before yours. Yamaha started all ID numbers at 100, so if your SS is # 000101, it's the first one made.

They only made 500 1976 SRX's, and 150 of the SR 292's.
The others I say over 1000 of each.
Hope it helps, Chris
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