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I am rebuilding a 1998 Phazer Mountain Lite that needs another belly pan, or part of one. The area under the exhaust caught fire or something before I bought the sled and nuked it up to where the steering boot is.

I will probably fix this using some sheet aluminum, but if I can get another belly pan, that would be even better, or maybe a frame that I can harvest one from. I was even thinking about grafting part of another pan in there sorta like an auto-body shop does with car bodies.

The damage is between the outside edge of the sled and the frame. It didn't get into the engine bay. I was thinking I might even be able to scab part of a pan in there if I can't find a full one. Maybe someone has a pan that is damaged on the left side so I can use the right, etc.

The only one I've found so far wants a pretty penny for shipping. It's not the weight of the pan - it's the odd- size.
I'm hoping to find one closer to home,or even the left side. A full frame would be great. An entire parts sled would be even better!


Here's a pic of the carnage:
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