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I want a complete white POLARIS HOOD and nose cone (changing color)!
I love the 1997 style XC hoods or 1996 super sport type hoods!
my 1991 "gray" is old looks and im tired of it and is cracked!
so what better ttime to chnage than now! my sled only has 1100 orig. miles and a brand
new pre drilled $400+ dollar track. and the rest is mint "straight as new" seat excellent cond. etc. etc. I love the sled its a 500 air cooled runs great w/reverse. BUT the gray is getting [email protected] old!!

Soooo... any one W/ a "NICE cond" hood, not a cracked,glued piece of $hit or anything LOL
holla to me!! "reasonable priced" and decent !MY EMAIL

THANK YOU SO MUCH Guys & Gals :thumbsup: SWRules
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