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Last year i got my first real sled ('95 583) We got some nice area's around for watercrossing. That thing went for a long ways and i never sunk it once
This year i bought a '97 Mach 1 basically so i could have more power for watercrossing...i love it so much, i think it's actually my favorite part of sledding.
Most likely gonna buy a new sled next year also so i was just wondering whcih sleds are the best for watercrossing??

thanks in advance!
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I've found that the zx chasis works pretty good on thw water.
My old s-chasis was pretty decent and the ck3 goes on the water good.But out of the three i'de pick the zxfor puddle jumping.Asisde from ski-doo i has an old indy 650 that was like a friggin boat on water.I actually saw a guy jump a 97 mach 1 off a pier onto the water and kept going.He did it twice just to prove it wasn't a fluke.
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yeah Z800 i had a 95 xcr 600 that thing went awesome across the water!you could slow down to like 20 and punch it and still not sink!!  ive seen a 97 mxz 670 cross water but his front end got too high in the air when he hit the water...kept her goosed thought and managed to get it across to shore, it sunk up to the front bumper (in the shallow) and still running so he kept it floored and made it ashore...  i know that skippin is great but if you sink on your gonna hate yourself for doin it!  lol
good luck!
 while you are out looking for the right watersled, see if you can find me a snowbassboat. LOL  
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I go to this water crossing event down in Three Oaks michigan every year and I can tell you that Skidoo dominates that event too. The MXZ S-chassi seems to do the best then the F- chassi. Polaris is next best especially in the old chassi.
As we all know, CATS hate water but do better than Yamaha.
Yamaha owners better stay away from water, no matter what they do they sink like rocks! I will say one thing about Yamaha, they really get the cheers for trying!
The F-body machs are real good water runners . My mxz 800 X last year was a mint skipper,  enter the water at 20 kliks and wheelie up to 80 in a blink. The 1.25" predator helped.
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one of  the local clubs has  a water cross competition  every year.

for the last couple of  years the 700 ski-doo has dominated.

except for highest speed which is usualy wone by
the artic  cat  tripple .

in fact they used the artic cat to pull 2  water skiers .
I skipped a 50 foot patch of open water on a local river with my 97' MXZ 440 Fan!  My buddy skipped that same one with his 96' 380.  It was a fun night!
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does it seem to matter what length the track is? Seems like the longer the better it would go. Just wondering.
I hear the summits(long track paddles) almost stop when they hit the water.  Too much resisitance. I haven't had the gade on open water yet to test her. I am still cold from my swim last year trying too retreive Ladyk's sled. The red sub lol. I think the lugs have more to doo with the slow down, There was a guy last year with a old GT500 fully loaded doin water runs on ST Nora's channel with ease.
P.s make sure your vents are closed. If you got a yammi get out the duct tape.
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P.S.  you close the vents to keep the clutch dry or else she slips!!  And you go under!
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Yeah, and then your day is ruined!  You get wet and you have to change before you ride again!  
It wouldn't stop me!
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The Summits go like scalded cats on water. My Summit X with a 144" does great. It will hold the skis 2' off the water for an easy 50'.  My buddies Cat didn't fair as well today. In his defense..he smashed the exhaust can up into the tub right before he hit this stretch and that caused it to choke. Luckily he made it to this ice shelf.
BTW he made this run for about 100' downstream.  That ice flow that has run into the rear of him is what smacked the exhaust drifted down and smacked into him while he was waiting for our rescue.
If you could see the bottom of the pond,you would see my wifes yamaha that I sunk.opps.Haven't tryed my mxzx yet.Took 100 feet of rope and 4 friends and thank god 1 is a diver.
My mxz 700 does pretty good.
skidoo's ZX chassis seems to be the best on water so it seems with all my friends and myself. My little 500mxz is like a #### boat on water goes forever! should have a seadoo sticker on it
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What model and year was that yamaha?  My buddies v-max went in a week ago.
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