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I have had a problem with wearing out the carbide wear bars on a couple of sleds.  The front end of the bar will be totally gone and I still have carbide left on the bar.
Obviously, the front end of the bar is the first to hit stuff like rocks, but it doesn't seem like they should wear this fast.
I know people are going to say that it is excessive ski pressure, but I don't think so.
One guy told me to check the rubber lug where ski attaches because they are sometimes installed backwards at the factory.  Since they are bevelled, reversing them would definitely cause the ski tip to dive down and take more punishment.
Why don't they beef up the front of the wear bar more...even bars that I have seen with a weld bead don't have the bead go all the way to the front of the bar.
Anyone have any suggestions or know of better bars to get?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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