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Well The Snow Storms Will Roll In Now.

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Have a great time sledding folks.

I know there will be tons of snow coming now. :confused:

Jacqui and I are leaving shortly to get on a plane to head to Tampa.

Then on Sunday we get on a cruise ship to tour the Western Caribean.

We'll be back next Sunday, so that should give you lots of snow accumulation while we're gone.

Then when we get back, my Son, a few friends and I are heading up to Cochrane.

We'll be seeing you there Tunedbyear. You have a safe trip and we'll try to do the same.

Happy sledding everyone.

I'll be thinking of all of you enjoying all that snow.

Thumbdoctor, You and your family have a safe holiday as well.

Take care.

Jeff & Jacqui
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Have a fun safe trip :)
Have a Great Time you two ! Get lot's of pics for us to see.

Well the first leg of our journey went off without any major hitches.
In Tampa now in our motel and getting on the ship at noon tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone.

Have fun Trailblazer, To me theres no better vacation than on a cruise :thumbsup: What cruise line and ship?
The Carnival Miracle.

Man I must be with some party animals here. LOL
They're all crashed.
Must be recharging their batteries for the week ahead. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Oh well. Long day travelling after a short night last night.

Good Morning Jeff and Jacqui !

My parents actually just got back from cruise on Friday morning and have 9day's in florida before they get back on another ship for another cruise. They go with Holland of America as it is a line geared more for the older crowd I believe. My parents have told me that carnival is for the younger crowd and my Dad likes it because there are always younger woman around the pool..LOL He teases my mom all the time about it.

I have heard the stories about how the cruises pamper you to know end so I'm looking forward to the cruise Rick and I are taking with my parents in 4 years to celebrate thier 50th wedding anniversary. I'm sure Rick would prefer an Alaskan cruise but being it's there big anniversary I'm sure we will be headed to the caribean which is where they like to go.

Again, enjoy yourselves I'm sure your both very excited !

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I hope this message finds you all well ... cruises are the catz azz!! Looking forward to my next one.
A CRUISE???? in February?.. are you nuts?... No way man... I'd fake an injury to get out of that.. then suddenly feel better ,(well, good enough to go sledding)... :)
Well we're just waiting to board our plane that just got in kinda late. They have free wireless in Tampa Airport. How cool is that? LOL. Should be in the air within half an hour. We had a great week and I'll post some pics later. Glad to hear my snow predictions came true. I just hope we can get gas in Cochrane later this week. Supposed to up there from the 7th to the 10th. Anybody have an old oil tank they're not using? Well gotta go. Adios Amigos.

Jeff & Jacqui.
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