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What! $9000 to sno-check a rev 800

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Dropped by my local all brand sled dealter to get a price on sno-checkin' a REV 800 DPM with 1.25 track. His price is just over $9000 OTD. Holy boagie wheels! I'd love to put a 100 miles on one to confirm all the hype.
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Checkout the latest copy of SUPERTRAX magazine for the article they wrote about the rev.they put on 100 miles and seemed to speak highly of it.I rode the rev sport 800 and i give it a five star rating.i would imagine the x-package will be even better.
Oh yeah, I've already read that article at least two times. BTW, that $9000 is for the X chassis. Personally, I think the REV will change the way sleds are made. I can't wait until next season to see how the REV, RX-1, and F5/F7's pan out.
The Rev X with a 1.25" track in Canada full retail ( "who pays full retail? ) is $12349.00 and that converted to US Dollars is $7865.60 the best price retail I have seen for the sled is $11649.00 Canadian and that is $7419.75 US. I would suggest that you price it at another dealer.  --  Bill
I snow-checked mine about 2 weeks ago.  Nobody can beat this price on a 2003 800X REV with 1.25 track.

8119  sled
200   1.25 track
 25   DOC. fee
8344  sub total
500   Tax
 22   Registration fee
8866  Total

PLUS:  I get 500 in free accessories.  Yes I have this written on my order form.  No charge for dealer prep or assembly.
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That's EXCELLENT!  Get me one! jk
Thats cool, 800rev why is your dealer giving $25 to the department of corrections? lol
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if your getting 500 dollars worth of acc. you could have gotten 500 more off the sled,the dealer is not and ski-doo is not giving away nothing they mark up your purchase to "give" you the acc. dollars.
The first price my dealer came out with was 8766 OTD with no accessorie money.  6 hours later I went back in and they changed the price to what I wrote above.  To me I paid 100 dollars more to get 500 in accessorie money.  The 500 hundred will help because I have 1000 in accessories I want to buy.  Thats not counting clothing and studs.  Add another 1500 for leathers and studs. The other dealers in the area say they are nuts and cant be making any money.  All I know is nobody will match this price around the area. Besides it's better to buy local.  If I have to drive 200 miles to save 300 it's not worth it.  Why?  Any dealer is going to service the people that bought from them first.  Then they might get to you.  I'm sure there will be recalls and I dont want to wait 2 weeks to get my sled back.  
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You did good!
 Why did they bring it down so much?
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800REV     Stevens or Saginaw Powersports?
Stevens,  Get it while it's hot.  I know the people that ordered before me dont get the 500 in accessories.
I ordered mine last month for $8950 out the door. Thats with the 1.25" track and temp. gauge.
I didnt get any $500 for extras!!!

I will have to ask about that on Monday...
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supertraxx = propaganda bs, ride oneyourself, be your own judge.
I noticed some of you ordered the 1.25" track option.  Whats the advantage to this?  Is it worth getting if you mostly ride trails and some ditches... ie not much powder riding at all.  My local dealers (Canadian) are offering $400 in accessories or no payments for 6 months after delivery.  I have not priced a machine out yet.
I still think that it would be good to go with the 1.25 in. track.  I have an MXZ 440 and messed up my track so I need a new one.  I am definately getting something bigger wheather 1.25 or 1.50.  Good luck!
I'm ordering one but i'm not sure if I should get the 1.75" or 1.25. Too bad they don't offer a 1.50  
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Jeepster~  Why not get both of them??
 If I ordered a rev I would get one of each.  I would stud the 1.25 and then have the 1.75 for powder pounding.  Just my opinion.  It would be great if they did offer a 1.50 though.
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Hey guy's,  I went to my dealer today because they have a rev on display.  I asked them if they changed the price on the sled again.  He said they got a nasty letter from Bombardier.  I guess the other dealers around the area were complaning about how cheap they were selling the new Rev.  Bombardier made them raise the price up.  The new price is the same as I paid but there is no $500 in accessorie money.  Looks like I saved 500 on my order.  Glad I got when I did.  Good luck on your hunt for a bargain.  
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