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What A Weekend!

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WOW What a way to finish the season with a Bang, A BIG BANG.

On Friday I drove my daughter to school on the sled. Later that day I drove my youngest daughter to friends house on the sled. Both of them had a great time. I decided that I should go out for ride before I pick them up on the sled. I headed towards Quyon Quebec for a couple of hours. I was about 3miles north of Quyon when it happened. BANG the engine puked coolant all over the trail.
At that point in time the cell phone battery was dead and I could not get a signal. I hauled a** through the woods to get to the closest phone to make sure my wife could pick up the kids. After that I walked across the river at the ferry crossing. (stupid move. 2 died in that area last year breaking through the ice). I soon as I got across a school bus driver drove me to the main road. Thumbed a ride home from there.
On saturday I tried to get a hold of a couple of friends so that we could haul the sled out of the woods. No one was around. I decided to get it myself. When I got to the sled by foot I tied a rope the front and put a black sleigh under the track. The trail was icy and hard so it made it easier to pull. After about 250 yds I decided that this was stupid I went back to get the car. Drove the car up the trail and hooked the sled up to the trailer hitch. Finally the sled was off the trail and at home.
Checked the engine this morning. I can spin the engine by hand and the PTO piston does not move. The mag piston moves up and down.

What do you think? piston rod, crank or just the piston.
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My guess since it is an 800 would be the crank...pull the jug and show so pic's though.
ahh ha we have found the culprit who drives theyre car on the trails!!!!
Well after spending most of the summer riding my ZX6-R I decided to get started on the MXZ800.
When I blow an engine I do a good job. It looks to be the MAG connecting rod was the reason for the failure. When the rod went it blew a hole in the crank case, riped the positon in half and damaged the cylinder pretty good.
Here are some pics.
Has anyone dealt with for a Short Block?
If anyone has a couple jugs for 02 MXZ 800 let me know.


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ya I did that a FORD !! Best of luck to you and your wallet
wow, thats incredible
Looks like the big end rod bearing failed first.
Adrien Bernard are very good and they have been doing 2 cycles for 5 years. I have had cranks and cylinders done by them with no complaints. Just check your work (some of theirs too) you should be OK. Call me if you need help Jon.
Thanks TD.

I'm going to try some salvage yards that might have a 800 for sale.
If they have one for sale. I will look into rebuilding that one. It all depends on $$$$.

I will let you know the route I decide.
Anymore advice from anyone is welcome.
Advice on Salvage yards in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec would be welcomed as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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