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What brand of sled catwats the best?

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I'm interested in buying a sled that unlike the one I have now will cat walk. I'd also want a sled around 500-600 cc and it'd have to be around 1995-2000 cause I can't afford anything newer. The only brand I wont buy is Polaris.
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I do not understant what you are saying.

"I'm interested in buying a sled that unlike the one I have now will cat walk."

What color do you like the best. That is about the only thing you need to consider. They are all excellent sleds.
I'm saying the sled I have now doesn't catwalk and i'd be interested in buying something that could actually catwalk.
Any reason why you dont want a polaris? They are great sleds. and as for doing a catwalk you are not going to do a catwalk on a sled, you will rise the ski`s a bit but unless you are 300 lbs they are going to came down after a bit.  If you want to get the ski`s in the air  loosen your front limiter strap a couple holes that will get the nose up.
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Any SC-10 MXZ will carry the skis for  quarter mile if I want it too...'course 300lbs on its back helps!
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If I take the coupler blocks out of my Prox 600 it will carry the skis a foot of the ground for 2 blocks easy just like the cats before they coupled the rear skid also my 99 600xcsp would do the same thing with the blocks removed as far as not wanting a Polaris why not they are just as good as anything out there.
if you want your 440 to catwalk like a bike is what i think your saying just get your jack knife out and cut the limiter strap don't realy do it, beside if you catwalk there is a couple of adjustments you can make to prevent that

what is this?
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any ski-doo with sc-10 rear, loosen limiter strap to the last hole take the acm nut out and throw it in the bush, now your gonna catwalk, I had my formula 3 800 flip over on top of me grass draggin, broke my leg in two places fun
I always wondered if a sled would ever come all the way back on you. Thanks I don't have to try it!
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wow a sled that back flip's with out a jump ! i would love to see that ! must be scarry...
I watched a 98 700 xc do it last year at the Devil Lake ice drags the guy ended up with his foot broken and a smashed hood. The next day he came over with his skid so I could drill some holes in his limiter straps so he could pull the front of the skid down farther since the I bolts were already bottomed out.
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