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What Happened?

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Hi folks-
I bought a couple sleds a while back - one was a '75 Olympic 340 that the previous owner said probably had a bent crank. I was checking it out while drinking beer in the garage and pulled on it and it turned over w/ a squeaking sound. I turned the key on and pulled again and it fired on the first pull?!?! (I didn't expect that) Anyways I listened to it and it wasn't squeaking at all and was idling great. My wife came home while it was happily idling there and after a few minutes of talking to her I turned around to hit the throttle and hear it rev but it stalled. I figured it flooded but I tried to pull it and it wouldn't budge. It IS seized now :(

What should I do? What do you think happened? I looked for a new crank on the internet and they seem to be around $300 or 3x the cost of the sled. Should I take the motor apart - can the crank be fixed if it is bent? Is there a cheaper used crank out there? How much should I pay for a total-rebuild? I never rebuilt one - is it stupid for me to even try? Are there a lot of special tools required? Thanks for your ideas.
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I would search around and look for a parts sled for yours, you might be able to find one for the cost of a new crank and you would have a whole sled for parts and a crank for yours. If not maybe one the guys on this site might have what your looking for.
Check out used and rebult parts on line their are alot of them . In Wis theirs one I have used called cental salvage I know that alot times on older motors they have also new ones for a few hunderd bucks
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