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What Polaris Model Should I Consider?

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im wondering what mid or late 90's model you guys would recommend to someone who is rough on their sleds when it comes to having fun and i dont mean crashing i mean jumping etc. i would prefer that it also had atleast a 800 in it
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Actually, if you're looking for something from the 90's, and you like jumping, ditch-banging, etc, you don't want an 800. Polaris only had big triples in the 90's and they don't make great ditch bangers.

My dream sleds from teh 90's are
1998 XC 700. The original Liberty twin. Lots of torque, light weight, good suspension.
1997 XC 600. THe last year the monoblock triple was used in a ditchbanger chassis. Love that sled.
Any XCR 440. Light, zippy, sexy. Great trail sleds.
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