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What Sleds Should I Consider

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Like I said in the title I am thinking about getting a new to me sled for next season. I'm a larger guy at 220lbs. I spend the majority of my time playing in the powder so I would like a sled that I can fit AT LEAST a 1.5 inch lug preferably 1.75 or 2". Also I think I would like a long track (136 or longer) as flotation would be better? Saying that however I would consider putting rail and tunnel extenders on a sled with a shorter track. Are there any downfalls to doing this? As for power, I'm not concerned too much with top end speed but rather lots of tourqe down low and power to spare through the mid range. Was thinking somewhere along the lines of 700-800 twin. I don't want to get something thinking that it'll be powerfull enough and once I get it, find out that I want more(I have a bad habbit of doing that). Also gas mialege isn't really a concern neither is insurance.
I was looking at sleds from the '99-'03 range and am not really that brand loyal as long as the sled is reliable.
I also realize that a mountain sled would probibly suit my wants best but they are fairly scarce here in Ontario or at least not as easy to come by as say an MXZ or ZR so I was wondering what my other options were.
Any advice would be helpfull thanks.
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i'll sell you my 03 renegade 800 for's a 136 inch with a1.25 inch lug with 108 studs.i've yet to get it stuck and it loves crossing water......... :thumbsup:
vapourtrail......if you still got it next fall might consider it as I don't have any money for one yet also will a larger lug track fit on it?
i don't see why not as a 1.75inch lug came as an option.
So should I just baisically look for MXZ's or do the other companies make a comparable sled. Also are the 03 ski-doo's rev's? If they are would I be able to get a comparable sled in the ZX chassis? By comparable I mean 136 inch long track with 1.75 or 2 inch lugs?
this is's the last year you could get the zx renegade to my knowledge.


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