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i have an old polaris gemini 244cc i'm thinking that it is in the late 70 or early 80. this sled use to crazy till the other day when a c-clip let go from my piston and ceased the other day. i don't know what to do. should i get it rebored out or should i find another old polaris and switch it over. i also broke the fan shroud off the other day. I was wondering do they make that much of a difference cooling it down? i have no hood on it because i'm fixing it i was running it about +4 yesterday. this sled is so fun to drive i don't want to let it sit. also i was wondering if i could get any polaris recoil to fit on the gemini that is the same measurement? because the only way i can start it know is with a rope witch works not to bad but it takes so long to start when your with a group of people.

help is appreciated
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